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research made easy

We provides you a simple solution and approach to a problem-solving agenda with a research methodology

powerful design

Understand your customers and their needs which affect your Business the most. Know the facts from your customer, are they satisfied

Digital Feedback

Real-time feedback from your customer to improve your products, services and business overall.


Multiply your productivity with CitiPoll

Understanding what customer think about your product can be very tricky. With CitiPoll not at all. CitiPoll makes it easy to understand what your customer think about your product.

"Knowing Customers point of view about your product is vital for success in Business."

  • Team CitiPoll , CitiPoll.com

Serve customers based on thier preferences

When you know your customers preferences, you focus on delivering same which keeps Business and customer on a growing trend.

"Customers can have thier own preferences, to Know your customer know thier preferences."

  • CitiPoll Team , CitiPoll.com

A Plateform for all

CitiPoll provides reall time Data in your own way to boost your Business.


Easy to Use

Using CitiPoll application is as easy as Rock, Paper and Scissor. Try it out now.

Reliable Data

Data comes directly from Customers as they provide, no filter, no mask.

Readable Data

Read, view and understand in your own language and format with Graphs and Charts.

Best Plans

Price and Plans that suitable to all business modal and individuals.

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Know more about who we are, what we do and our services in this video.

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More than 2 million downloads till now. Lets mark this date as beginning of a wonderful journey together.